Dr Infrared Heater Portable Fireplace

Enjoy A Warm Fireplace Ambiance

As Realistic As They Come!

The Dr Infrared Heater DR938 Portable Infrared Fireplace is another great addition to our portable heater line. This piece would turn your house or apartment into a warm, elegant gathering place for friends and loved ones.

Dr Infrared Heater USA is the first company to introduce the portable electric fireplace to the market. Combining warmth and beauty, this powerful 1500W fireplace puts out twice more heat than comparable models with much bigger mantle. The DR938 features an Advanced Dual Heating System, generating a warm toasty heat of up to 5200 BTU’s.

When not in use, you can still turn the realistic simulated fireplace function, located on the front of the unit, to quickly add ambiance of a fireplace in your home.


Are Infrared Heaters Safe? 

Absolutely!!  If fact, infrared heaters are actually healthy for you.   Infrared Heaters create heat much like the sun does to the earth.  The sun stores heat in water molecules much like infrared heating.  Infrared heaters however do not use harmful UV rays like the sun.  The result is the gentle warm feeling of the sun without the harmful rays.  It is a far more efficient way to heat and becomes very cost effective.  Infrared heaters also are much safer than a typical space heater as they do not over heat.  Infrared heaters are cool to the touch, making them safe for pets and small children.  People find the heat from an infrared heater is much more pleasant to be around. 

How much money can i save?

People find that using an infrared heater as “zone heating”, where you heat only the rooms currently occupied, is much more cost effective then using a furnace to heat the entire home.  You can take the infrared heaters from one room to the next, making them easy to transport and take the heat with you.  It is also great for room add-ons that are not connected to the central heating.  

Space heaters or other types of heaters take a long time to heat a room.  They also heat the air, requiring much more energy.  Infrared heats the body, skipping the air and heating you directly.  

The result is the ability to save up to 50% on you energy bill.  Results may vary depending on use and how effective you are at “zone heating”, but almost everyone will notice a nice cut in energy bills. 

How Do They Install?

Infrared heaters plug into a typical 12 volt outlet.  You simply plug them in, turn them on and set the temperature.  They are very easy to take from one room to another and are very light. 

What Are Your Return Policies?

On most occasions, if your Infrared Heater is unused, we will accept the return.  Please check out our shipping and returns page for more information.  We offer a satisfaction guarantee policy for all returns. 

Do You Offer A Low Price Guarantee?

Yes, we do!

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