Michigan is the largest exporter of jobs in the country. This not only affects the people who lost their jobs. This affects our community, our tax base and our ability to provide necessary services like the fire and ambulance, and our ability to educate our children. I want to work with Governor Granholm and the state legislature to end this cycle. We need full-time, year-round jobs that pay good wages.

Environment/Canadian Trash

The one thing being imported into Michigan is foreign trash. Our state motto shouldn’t be: “Trash in, Jobs out.” Michigan should not be a dumping ground for other people’s trash. But we’ve got Canadian garbage being imported and dumped in this district. As your State Representative, I will make sure that Michigan remains a beautiful place to hunt and fish, to vacation in and to live, and that foreign garbage stays on foreign land.

Healthcare/Prescription Drugs

People who have worked their entire lives toward a comfortable retirement are watching their last dollar disappear due to the rising cost of health care. Health insurance premiums have gone up astronomically. There are families in the 107th District whose health insurance costs more than their house payments. I also know of businesses that are in danger of closing their doors because of these rising costs. We cannot have true economic recovery in our state until health insurances costs are brought under control and prescription drug prices are brought to a level found in other countries like Canada. I want to be our district’s voice in Lansing so that we can find a solution to this problem. I look forward to working with Governor Granholm on a plan to bring health care relief to people and businesses in the 107th district.


I believe in the American dream . . . where every child has the opportunity to become whatever they want to be. A strong public education system insures that every child, no matter if they are rich or poor, has that opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Public schools across Michigan are in the middle of a financial crisis. They are laying off teachers and cutting important programs due to a lack of funding from the State of Michigan. In 1994, Michigan shifted the emphasis for funding public schools to the sales tax by enacting Proposal A.

In recent years, an income tax rollback and a downturn in the economy have left schools holding the bag. I will fight for adequate funding for public schools.

We need to provide our schools with the resources for a 21st century education that includes technology, vocational education and the arts.

Early childhood education, complete funding for special education and literacy for all students are educational goals that I support. We need to provide the resources for all staff to continue their professional development as an ongoing part of being an educator.

I welcome accountability that is well thought out and concentrates on what’s best for all students. Ed Roeber has recently been hired as the director of MEAP testing to provide stability and sound management to a program that was in need of new leadership. The No Child Left Behind legislation has undergone several revisions in its first years of operation and is still a work in progress. I will support State Superintendent, Tom Watkins and the State Board of Education as they continue their good work on behalf of all the students in Michigan.